release BBTQ001:

dictaphone - suitcase e.p.

artists: dictaphone
title: suitcase e.p.
format: 12" vinyl
catalog nr: BBTQ001

with their 12" suitcase e.p., dictaphone not only celebrate their first vinyl-release, but also present the first label-release by bitboutique recordings. tschudi and guettinger see themselves as part of the atari generation, they value playful melodies and minimal beats highly. dictaphone - lame or game? rest assured: notwithstanding their delicate and playful approach, their sound rocks the dancefloor. the four tracks also show their potential on a home system - exactly the right choice for lovers of detail and minimalists with high expectations.

tracklisting & sounds:






suitcase (it suits u mix) *
remixed by canson


ministorage 82

all tracks written and produced by dictaphone (m. tschudi / s. guettinger)
* remixed by canson (a. derradj)

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