release BBTQ002:

bitboutique vs. ashley slater - remixed by cycle repair

artists: ashley slater - remixed by cycle repair
title: bitboutique vs. ashley slater
format: 12" vinyl
catalog nr: BBTQ002

the original versions of these two remixes by cycle repair can be found on ashley slater's solo album 'big lounge'. merry xmas electrifies the pre-festive mood and convinces by means of the luscious "yeah, merry xmas"- sample by ashley slater - at last, a nice xmas song you can dance to. husband on the other hand does an excellent job with it's 80ies attitude, dirty bassline and four to the floor asskickin'vibe. by the way: the original of husband was co-produced by famous norman cook.

tracklisting & sounds:


merry xmas
(remixed by cycle repair)


written by ashley slater published by warner chappel, uk



(remixed by cycle repair)


written by ashley slater / norman cook published by universal music publishing

original versions taken from ashley slater's "BigLounge" album (plush/patsy pp3 and licensed courtesy of plush paris)

remixes produced by cycle repair (tschudi/guettinger/gmuer)

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