release BBTQ004:

cycle repair - freedom fighters

artists: cycle repair
title: freedom fighters
format: 12" vinyl
catalog nr: BBTQ004

on the second release from our dancefloor rockers cycle repair, they show again their ability to combine punchy beats with dubby minimal influences: the maxi presents four mature tracks, chattering away casually on point. as a final pearl, the discohouse remix of "baschg barley“ from big clap: the track is swinging easy and groovy without getting on anyone's nerves - a perfect summer song.

tracklisting & sounds:


freedom fighters (6:39) *


baschg barley (6:17) **


new york blackout (6:44)


baschg barley
(big clap refunk) (5:05) ***

all tracks written and produced by cycle repair (m. tschudi, s. guettinger, s. gmuer)
* voices by noreen (u. tischhauser)
** additional programming by momo bandito (p.barro)
*** remixed by big clap (p.dubach)
*** guitar by nina treml (69 chambers)
all tracks mastered by

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