release BBTQ005:

nimbus - entron ep

artists: nimbus
title: entron ep
format: 12" vinyl
catalog nr: BBTQ005
release date: 01.09.2004

the entron ep marks the first International artists to appear on the swiss imprint bitboutique. remix duty comes courtesy of label favourites cycle repair to cap off four tracks of tech-driven music. the ep sounds as fresh in the club as it does at home, with the boys trademark attention to detail proving once again that nimbus is the name to watch on the tech/house scene. resistance of the hip is officially futile.

tracklisting & sounds:


intron (7:15)


intron - cycle repair remix (6:45) **


entron (7:27)


vector (6:55) *

all tracks written and produced by nimbus (j. shanks, p. bannister, o. beale) except * written and produced by j. shanks, p. bannister ** remixed by cycle repair (m. tschudi, s. guettinger)

all tracks mastered by p.bannister

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about nimbus:

nimbus is the electronic home of three curious men from the south of england: oli beale, jon shanks and pete bannister. after they met, the three worked meticulously at their studio “the lodge” on their unique style – complex music with a ludicrous attention to detail. pete is a human encyclopaedia and eats synthesiser manuals for breakfast. jon has a rather unhealthy obsession with hi hats and is responsible for most of the percussion arrangement whilst oli usually handles laying out the main melodies and bass but is also known for his mild infatuation with the snare.

nimbus are simply bored with most house music in the shops today and take most of their inspiration from the deeper techno sounds. they believe that tech-house should, as its name suggests, be a blend of techno and house and not dull, tribal nonsense which is sadly what the genre seems to have become. it is easy to spot influences in their music from label such as treibstoff or substatic and from artists such as maetrik, john tejada, swag, swayzak and vince watson. after only a year and a half in the studio together the trio has produced a collection of quality tech house that stands out amongst the ocean of average vinyl that fills english record stores.

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lars behrenroth (boc productions / usa), vince watson (alola, bio, k7 / uk), buckmaster de la cruz (member of gus gus /, iceland) and many others.

press release & reviews:

BBTQ005 reviews
BBTQ005 press release


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