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schwamm - crazy beaches remixes
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artist: schwamm
title: crazy beaches remixes
remixes by: big clap, johnny tumper, soutourist, foster (vinyl)
format: 12" vinyl + 12 free mp3 remixes & original version
catalog nr: BBTQ007
release date: 17.01.2006

it's the year 2000 revisited. the downbeat-houser „crazy beaches“ by schwamm is at present five years old, reason enough to revisit the legendary - so wonderfully reduced - track with a large entourage of remixes.

schwamm aka big clap, johnny tumper (aka sequel), soultourist and foster present their mixes on BBTQ007 and swirl its samples and melody through the aether. on the floor, the vibes are absorbed dancing, feet close to the water's edge of the wonderful beach.

the four remixes on vinyl are richly supplemented online: each maxi contains an access code to additional MP3-remixes, which can be downloaded online on apoll (tongut), canson (handheld), marco repetto (inzect), cycle repair (bitboutique), arian cerrdor (meadow) and many further artists present their versions of crazy beaches. a digital bonus to the analogue vinyl.

„crazy beaches“ – with its origin in House – as a digital disco celebrates oldschool-influenced minimal house and the zeitgeist on vinyl. five years after the original, it appears that zurich is musically alive like rarely before.


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tracklisting & sounds

12" vinyl


crazy beaches (big clap’s sunburn remix) (6:24)


crazy beaches (johnny tumper remix) (7:56)


crazy beaches (soultourist’s offshore remix) (6:07)


crazy beaches (foster’s back to beaches remix) (7:15)

"crazy beaches" originally written by schwamm (p.dubach) © & (P) 2000, shishümusik, mastered by s.guettinger @ bitboutique

mp3 remixes

downloadable online with your personal download code

crazy beaches (original version)

crazy beaches (apoll remix)

crazy beaches (canson remix)

crazy beaches (cycle repair's luna park mix)

crazy beaches (marco repetto remix)

crazy beaches (pixelpunks captain future remix)

crazy beaches (cosili's going in circles mix)

crazy beaches (julien gilliand's midnight in puerto viejo mix)

crazy beaches (arian cerddor mix)

crazy beaches (jamma remix)

crazy beaches (san marco's frisbee redo)

crazy beaches (gilaad's ocean dome edit)

crazy beaches (bejinsques's bikini bottom mix)

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artists on 'crazy beaches remixes'

12" vinyl

big clap:an already familiar acquaintance on bitboutique (remix on BBTQ004 and together with johnny tumper as inflight on BBTQ006), big clap aka schwamm aka pascal dubach contributes the prototype to this release.

johnny tumper: with remixes and releases on straight ahead, compost, zest and sonar kollektiv, gianni siravo aka sequel maintains a high musical profile. with inflight (together with big clap), a release has already appeared on Bitboutique (BBTQ006).

soultourist: the soultourist boat is crewed by phil wuger, foster, ron shiller, and big clap - however the rowing is done in shifts. whether together on ‘sonar kollektiv’, or with the remix produced by phil wuger and foster on bitboutique – soultourist show that the permanent mixture makes the decisive difference.

foster: versatility at it it best comes from foster. tobias schweizer celebrates cultivated old school and nevertheless leaves the deep house influences sufficient room to expand.

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crazy beaches original

  • schwamm - crazy beaches
    released 2000 on shishü musik

crazy beaches remixes by

  • apoll [tongut]
  • canson [handheld]
  • cycle repair [bitboutique]
  • marco repetto [inzec]
  • pixelpunks
  • cosili [stattmusik]
  • arian cerddor [meadow]
  • julien gilliand
  • jamma
  • san marco
  • gilaad
  • bejinsque

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