cycle repair

cycle repair is the second in-house production team after dictaphone, consisting of stefan guettinger and mike tschudi. with their unique mixture of minimal house and techo with a dubby attitude, they convinced the music press with their releases as well as clubbers with their live performance.

cycle repair's first release (BBTQ002) also entered the german club charts (DCC). an impressive start for a new act.


stefan guettinger, mike tschudi, (sämy gmuer [until 03/2004])


- BBTQ 002: bitboutique vs. ashley slater - remixed by cycle repair
- BBTQ 004: cycle repair - freedom fighters

clubs/events played:

volkshaus (zh), tonimolkerei (zh), ug (zh), tramstation (zh), zweierbar (zh), dachkantine (zh), atelier nordstern (bl), dialog festival (winterthur), säulenhalle (zh),
kaserne (bs), kraftfeld (winterthur), sihltanz (zh), aera (zh), schiffsbau (zh), ccc IV (contemporary culture connvention 2004, be)

radio zuerisee (vzo-chillride), lora,


cycle repair - "bitboutique vs. ashley slater" (BBTQ002)

- a1: merry xmas
- b1: husband

cycle repair - "freedom fighters" (BBTQ004)

- a1: freedom fighters (6:39)
- a2: baschg barley (6:17)
- b1: new york blackout (6:44)
- b2: baschg barley (big clap refunk) (5:05)

cycle repair - "live at tramstation 2003" recorded 09.08.2003

- real player [44kbps]
- mp3 [80kbps]



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