clos-o-mat is the newest act on bitboutique records. markus ullrich's and urs jeltsch's tracks and live performance is on the rougher side compared to other bitboutique artists: their sound-range goes from 'brachialpop' to 'wild electronica' and back.

clos-o-mat made their scene name in several underground live performances (see list below). bitboutique is proud to release their first record 'look away' (BBTQ003), a four track 12" record.

beside clos-o-mat, the two musicians also concentrate on solo projects: markus ullrich as 'babychlor' and urs jeltsch as 'uese'.

visit clos-o-mat's own website for more information.


markus ullrich, urs jeltsch

appeared on:

- BBTQ 003: clos-o-mat - look away

clubs/events played:

egocity (zh), tramstation (zh), dadafestwochen (zh), stad!on (zh), zweierbar (zh), hohlstrasse (zh), neonbar (zh), kalkül (zh), boschbar (zh), dachstock (be), zweimal-bar (zh), reclaim the streets (zh), zini-bar (zh), keybug (zh), tonimolkerei (zh), labor bar (zh), substrat (zh),...


clos-o-mat - look away (BBTQ003)

- a1: masso [real player]
- a2: look away [real player]
- b1: silk desert [real player]
- b2: clippop [real player]





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