release BBTQ006:

cycle repair & inflight - party rebel

artists: cycle repair & inflight
title: party rebel
remixes by: sami koivikko, decomposed subsonic
format: 12" vinyl
catalog nr: BBTQ006
release date: 15.02.2005

destination: dancefloor.the collaboration between cycle repair & inflight proves that PARTY is spelled in capitals in zurich. with a touch of oldskool, "party rebel" plunges directly into digital disco, and party rebels shall justify this unto sunrise! technoid, yet playfully arranged, "let it all blow" will ramificate this proclamation.

our rebels get international cover from sami koivikko (shitkatapult, festplatten) and decomposed subsonic (ware, force tracks). sami koivikko comes at you with a remix of "party rebel" from a techno perspective. after the runway, a short insertion, and then there is no more holding back - psychedelics float upwards to a harmonious finale. decomposed subsonic however, rummage in the drawer and retrieve an electro dirt-engine, which shifts gear, hiccuping, toward a digital hybrid drive - including melody.

tracklisting & sounds:

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party rebel (7:08)


party rebel - sami koivikko remix (6:55) **


let it all blow (6:31)


let it all blow - decomposed subsonic remix (6:38) ***

all tracks written and produced by cycle repair (m.tschudi, s.guettinger) and inflight (p.dubach, g.siravo) except * remixed by sami koivikko, ** remixed by decomposed subsonic. voices on “party rebel” by michael morris, voices on “let It all blow” by noreen (u.tischhauser).




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